Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors View 

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors View 

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors View 

In order to relax in the swimming pool or have a backyard party, we all need privacy from our neighbors. You always feel sick when someone is watching you.

Privacy protection doesn’t require a lot of money. There are cheap and effective ways to block your neighbor’s view.

You need not be concerned anymore; the good news is here. If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose from cheap landscaping ideas to block neighbors’ views.  The following are among them;

1. Shield with outdoor screens

Screens for the outdoors are simply panels of cloth mounted on metallic stands. There are a lot of outdoor furniture stores that sell these cheap items.

In the backyard, these can be moved to different spots where you need privacy.

Additionally, outdoor screens offer full privacy because the neighbor on the other side cannot see what is going on behind the screen. If you aren’t using it, just fold it up and put it in the garage. Outside screens, however, are prone to weather, so they will fade and tear in no time.

2. Install a corrugated metal fence

For backyard privacy purposes, corrugated metal is a great idea because of its many benefits.

Furthermore, small corrugated metals can be found at hardware stores for a relatively low price. Installing a fence of this type should be as easy as putting a few wooden beams on concrete bases.

Keeping birds off your patio is also made easier with a corrugated metal fence. Its only disadvantage is that the sleek, shiny appearance won’t last very long before rust starts to appear. However, you can always paint it to prevent rust and improve its appearance. Your neighbors won’t be able to see you with corrugated metal.

3. Make use of cascading landscapes

The idea sounds expensive, but it’s one of the cheapest ways to get backyard privacy. With homemade materials, you can make the cascading levels.

Because this idea will involve muscles, it’s only for people who are handy. Plus you have to be very patient because it takes a while.

Displaying your beautiful plants and bushes on multiple levels is a great idea. A landscaper can provide you with some useful tips to help you design a great outdoor space. You can add beautiful flower vases, outdoor lighting, and another outdoor décor to the terraces, giving the area a more exotic feel.

4. Plant trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs that grow fast are also excellent options for backyard privacy. If you choose to plant trees and shrubs yourself, you will save money you would have spent on hiring a professional landscaper. A shovel will be needed to dig the hole, then some dirt will be poured in and the tree is planted. 

Comparing trees to other fence options such as stone walls, trees are readily available and they are also very affordable. Conversely, trees will take time to mature before you can enjoy their beauty, so you must be extra patient with them.

A few years later, some tree species such as arborvitaes will fully be grown. As you increase vegetation, you will also contribute to the conservation of the environment.

5 . Walls made of canvas to keep prying eyes out

A canvas wall is an inexpensive way to block your neighbors’ view of your yard. It’s only structurally different than the curtain here, and it’s permanently closed.

You can use this to get some privacy in the backyards of you and your neighbors if theirs are close to each other.

Many hotels use them to create a barrier between the patios of their guest rooms. I am sure you have already seen them in action.

6. Backyard Lattice Screen

Privacy without breaking your bank account is probably the most popular option. This is the most popular option for most people.

These lattice screens can be found in plastic, but they are usually made of natural materials and wood. It should go well with your garden if you choose natural materials.

Lattice screens come in various types. Size, color, and flexibility are all different.

It’s not just the cheap price that makes them so popular. The ease of installation and esthetic appeal of these are also noteworthy. A beautiful vine can also grow there!

7. Outdoor Screen Panels for Privacy

This type of panel is also called a divider, and it’s a portable solution that can be used in your backyard or anywhere you want.

You can use this rectangular-shaped (usually) panel to keep the backyard of your neighbor separate from your backyard.

It’s nothing fancy. We have just a few metal stands mounted on some cloth panels.

You can easily set up FULL privacy whenever you need it. It won’t be clear to your neighbors what you’re doing in the backyard!

When not in use, it can be folded and stored in your garage. The garage won’t be crowded at all!

As long as we are talking about screens, let me also remind you that they are prone to fading and tearing quickly.

8. Installing privacy screens made of trellis 

Trellis screens are typically made of wood and can be used anywhere outdoors. Any design for this screen panel will have a beautiful effect on the outdoor area.

Screens are usually coated with coatings to prevent them from losing their appearance over time. Maintaining this screen is as simple as refurbishing it to make it look elegant for years to come.

The screen can be complemented with some flowering vines to provide privacy, shade, and wind reduction. Your outdoor area will look charming with these vines.

9. Vines and Mesh Fence 

A mesh fence is generally easy to construct but doesn’t provide the required privacy. Although the fence creates boundaries and prevents unauthorized access to your property, it is suitable for creating boundaries and deterring thieves.

Regardless, you can provide your home with optimal privacy by using an evergreen vine flower. Flowing and fast-growing, these plants can cover a mechanical system completely.

Your home will also be shaded and have a calming environment with a mesh fence and vine flowers. The outdoor area can also be improved with vines.

10. Hedging can be used effectively 

Hedges are living fences or screens made from shrubs planted in close proximity to one after another. You can use these plants to create a thick barrier between your house and your neighbors.

There are many privacy plants that grow up to 8ft or higher, ensuring complete privacy around the home. Small backyards are ideal for privacy plants.

Moreover, these plants can be trimmed or shaped into different designs to enhance the overall design and feel of the home.

Having a living fence is a good idea since they come with many advantages, such as the reduction of noise and preventing wind movement, which helps to keep the house cool at all times.

For your privacy, we have compiled a list of the best evergreen plants you can use for this purpose if you are interested in using an evergreen plant.

11. Wooden screen with staggered verticals

The garden show where this was photographed probably took place a while ago. The staggered wall around the patio area was constructed by measuring the heights of the wooden posts and then cutting them evenly spaced.

12. Put up some bamboos

Due to bamboo’s invasive nature, if you plant one, it will quickly block the view of your neighbors’ backyard.

Bamboos grow fast and bushy, so you will need some large containers that can hold them. Once they are all lined up, boom! Natural fences are evergreen.

13. Install outdoor curtains

This is probably the cheapest way to create privacy in your backyard. If you don’t need any privacy, you can fold the curtains.

If you don’t want to make your own curtains, you can purchase them from any décor outlet. If you’re confident, you can do it yourself.

YouTube has plenty of videos on how to make these outdoor curtains if you aren’t concerned with spending a dime.

Final thoughts

We all had to deal with nosy neighbors to some extent. Your backyard doesn’t need to be described in full. There’s nothing comfortable about this!

Instead, get to work on implementing whatever idea suits you best, taking advantage of some cheap but cool hacks for blocking neighbors’ views.


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