Bed Alternatives That Save Space

Bed Alternatives That Save Space

Bed Alternatives

With this list of space-saving bed alternatives, you can sleep comfortably without sacrificing valuable floor space. Here are bed alternatives that are great for small spaces or overnight sleepovers.

For a living space, the bed is an important furniture item. Having a cozy bed can be difficult when you don’t have much space. You can save space by choosing some terrific bed alternatives.

They’re perfect for small apartments, studios, and instant sleeping overs. Not only do they provide sleeping space, but they also serve multiple purposes. Take a look at some alternative bed designs.

Bed Alternatives for Small Spaces

A good sleeping solution is not only one that fits within your home’s decor and design, but one that can work with your overall design. The more creatively you can utilize your space, the better.

Choose the best option for your home and your budget by browsing our most common options, cheap and expensive, creative and simple.

Air Mattress

When you have an air mattress in your home, you can save precious floor space while enjoying the comfort of a decent bed. Compared to traditional beds, they’re also very inexpensive.

You can deflate the mattress easily when it isn’t in use, or even half-inflate it so that you can store it in a closet.

Besides taking it on camping trips, you can also use it for guests and for holidays at your parent’s house.

You may want to think twice before buying an air mattress if you have cats or other indoor pets as they could damage and deflate your mattress. Keep your sheets and comforter over the mattress so there is a layer of protection.

The mattress may also aggravate joint pain if you suffer from joint pain since it tends to lose air during the night.

Apart from some minor imperfections, however, it’s a great budget or temporary bedding alternative when you need something quick. Currently, there are a few that are quite good. Because they come in standard sizes, you can get those types of bed sheets without any special consideration.

Day Bed

As with a sofa, a day bed serves similar functions as a bed. Take a look at these if you don’t like storing your bed every day. You’ll love it if you’re young and enjoy lying on your side or sitting Indian-style.

This is one of the best aspects of the dresser alternative because it offers the space-saving benefit of having three drawers underneath where you can keep clothes and other items. It’s best not to fill it with things you won’t use, otherwise, you will just be wasting space again.

Folding Mattress

Mattresses that fold are exactly what their name indicates – mattresses that can be easily folded into sections (normally three) to facilitate storage. Mattress sofas and folding mattresses are nearly identical, but folding mattresses are not meant to be used on sofa beds and are available in a number of sizes. The Japanese futon is a simpler version of this.

Futon Mat

It is ideal to sleep on futon mats in a small space. Mats can be easily rolled up and stored when not in use.

Mattresses need to be placed on hard floors (thin carpet is fine). Firm mattresses may be more comfortable than spring mattresses for those that prefer them.

If you’re a hot sleeper, you won’t be woken up by the heat being stored underneath you since the ground acts as a heat sink.

You might find this an excellent alternative to a traditional bed if you toss and turn a lot or if you have elderly parents. This way, you won’t have to worry about rolling out of bed and falling.

Having said that, if you have bad knees, you may encounter some difficulty getting in and out of the mattress since it is on the ground.

As well as needing to be cleaned frequently, futon mats also need to be air-aired frequently to avoid bad odors. When you store it during the day, you can roll it up to let it air out; however, give it a good cleaning every now and then.

These can be easily cleaned in a washing machine and dryer with zipper bags (just place them in the machine and dryer). To some extent, these are similar to bedrolls or sleeping bags.

Hammock Bed

Hammocks are commonly used outside. Its larger size makes it a wonderful alternative to a regular bed. As for setting up and packing up, it doesn’t take too long.

You can use a washing machine to clean a dirty hammock. Hammocks are cheaper than mattresses and bed frames. Hammocks are available in several styles as well.

Hammocks are not designed for sprawling. If you sleep with your back curved, this may lead to back pain. It may also be difficult to exit the hammock when it is swinging.

Hanging Bed

As an alternative to the bunk bed/loft bed concept, here is another option. Due to its high location and total suspension from the ceiling, it is always out of the way, leaving you plenty of floor space below.

It’s only a matter of finding space for a permanent staircase or a rope ladder (not recommended). That way, you won’t need to worry about alternatives to bed skirts.

It is most often installed near a wall so the staircase will face the wall. You can avoid getting injured if you install these beds correctly, but if you don’t, you may get injured one night. It should be installed by a professional.

Loft Bed

Loft beds have a similar concept to bunk beds but without the bottom bunk. Since the bed is elevated, there is a lot of extra floor space that can be used for storage. Nonetheless, loft beds are not a feasible idea for every home.

The advantage of this loft for college students is that you can create a study desk underneath to do your work. This was done by me and a desktop computer was tucked under it. It was a comfortable place to relax, play games, research, and study.

Moroccan-Inspired Floor Cushions

You can add exotic vibes to your room with Moroccan floor cushions. The patterns instantly enliven the room. Different shapes and sizes are available. They make great floor beds because they are so large.

A Moroccan pillow is suitable for a side sleeper. You will stay in alignment with your spine. You may suffer from back or knee pain if sleeping on the cushions is hard for you.

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds, also called wall beds, are an innovative alternative to traditional bed frames. A traditional bed gives you the same comforts as a traditional one without taking up valuable floor space.

When the day is over, it can be flipped up into storage from inside a cabinet or a wall.

After waking up in the morning, it can be put up again, giving you lots of room for the day.

If you are not a handyman, assembling and installing the bed on your own can be tricky. Murphy beds are not too expensive and there are also options for you to do it yourself.

A great conversation piece in a crowded apartment or room in your house, this works well in a small apartment. It will be a hit with everyone.

Additionally, you can use any mattress you want (except, of course, water beds).


You can actually reduce certain health problems by sleeping in an elevated position. Heartburn, sleep apnea, and heart failure are some conditions that are related to this.

The nose of people who suffer from bad allergies can sometimes easily become clogged and make it difficult for them to breathe when they sleep in a recliner.

It’s not difficult to find a comfortable position, especially if you choose a recliner with adjustable legs so that you can lie as flat as you like.

In case your home is too small for a traditional bed, finding furniture that can serve as a chair and a bed may be a good option.

Some recliners come with additional features such as heated seats, which will ensure your comfort while sleeping.

In their upright position, these chairs will save a great deal of room in your bedroom compared to a traditional bed.

Rollaway Bed

Rollaway beds are small foldable beds for children and adults. Hotels usually use these. On wheels, this mattress is basically a fold-up mattress. Moving it from place to place is easy for the guest. It has no sides, so if the child is sleeping in it, he or she can fall out (something to be aware of).

Sleeper Chair

Sleeper chairs are rarer and more difficult to locate, but they are excellent space savers and multifunctional. In a small living room or home office, an enticing sleeper chair can offer comfortable functionality without overwhelming visual focus.

Sleeping Recliner

You can buy recliners these days that can rotate all the way back so that you can sleep. By sleeping in a higher position, you may be reducing your risk of some health issues. Although many recliners only recline a few positions, sleeper recliners are designed to offer a bit more kickback action so you can sleep comfortably.

Sofa Bed

It’s without a doubt that a sofa bed makes life easier in a confined space. Pull down the sofa back to make the bed mattress. As a result, it allows you to sleep comfortably.

You can use the sofa bed to sit on during the day. Furthermore, it is easy to find sofa beds that match your home decor.

Costs are quite high for the high-quality sofa beds. Additionally, because it is heavy, it cannot be moved easily. A damp upholstered sofa bed could develop mold and mildew.

Thai Massage Mat

They are used to perform Thai massages. However, they can serve as an excellent alternative to a futon. They may be better suited to people who suffer from back pain as long as the mats are placed on a hard floor.

As well as shiatsu mats, these are often referred to as shiatsu towels. If you want a firm sleeping surface and a rollaway to store the mattress away during the day, this is ideal.

It is typical for Thai massage mats to be about 3.5 inches thick and to be able to be rolled away easily when not in use.

Mats would only pose a problem if you had to get up from the floor or sit on the floor each time you wanted to use the bed. Having weak knees can make this a difficult task.

If you want to spice things up, you can include Moroccan floor cushions. You can also find between-the-knee pillows if you’re a side sleeper – this will help keep your back aligned and take pressure off your hips since you’re on such a firm surface.

Trundle Bed

Kids’ bedrooms look great with a trundle bed. It is easy to pull out a second hidden bed. The floor space is maximized.

A trundle bed is not a challenge for small children. In this way, accidents can be prevented. Aside from that, it has many drawers. Kids’ clothes and toys are easily stored in them.

Trundle beds usually have uncomfortable mattresses. If you want a good night’s sleep, consider investing in a quality mattress. Additionally, trundle beds aren’t cheap.


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