Enclosed Patio Ideas for Best Your Home

Enclosed Patio Ideas for Best Your Home

Enclosed Patio Ideas

Enclosed patio ideas are the stuff of dreams for most people. You can enjoy hosting events and parties outside your home, either in a four-season enclosure or a screen room.

There are many ideas to be explored out there, which is a good thing. Here are a few tips for designing a wonderful enclosed patio you will definitely love if you want to make your own but don’t know where to start.

 Do you not enjoy parties? It’s okay! If you enjoy a bit of great music after a long day at work or eat your breakfast with your family in complete peace and quiet, then your patio is still an excellent place for you.

The best view, optimal weather, and enhancement of your home’s aesthetics will allow you to relax and enjoy the moment. To help you decide on the look of your enclosed patio, here are some of the most creative and beautiful ideas.

How much will it cost to build an enclosed patio?

Enclosing your patio involves a number of factors that should be considered and understood. It may have a window or insulation, as a result of the materials used.

 Depending on whether electricity is added or custom features are added, a custom patio enclosure can cost as much as US$ 35,000 on average. Approximately $5.25 per sq ft will be charged for a 200 square foot screened patio. 

It’s possible to build an enclosed patio for less than $4000 with a 10′ x 16′ patio kit. To

Costs are determined by the following factors:

Patio dimensions or square footage

If you’re considering enclosing a patio, your main concern should be how large the patio space will be. Due to the materials that must be used to install the enclosure and the amount of time devoted to building it, a smaller patio space will be more affordable to enclose than a larger one.

What kind of enclosure to use

Enclosing a patio is determined by multiple factors, including the enclosure selected. 

Installing a conventional roof enclosure is the most popular and common option. If, however, you are on a tight budget, installing an awning with screens covering the sides will be cheaper than installing actual walls as part of the roof enclosure.


Installing double-glazed windows, especially if you live in a cold climate or an area that experiences strong winds, can provide better insulation; however, they are usually more expensive.

Design and Décor

As well as upgrading the functionality of your patio enclosure, and adding additional décors such as skylights, hanging lights, and window treatments, the total patio enclosure cost will rise.


There will be cities that will require you to secure permits for patio enclosure with the local building department. The process of securing permits will certainly add up to your project cost. 

To find out if a building permit is required in your area, contact your local city directory. 

It is possible to get information about a city’s online database and to apply and approve the application online in many cases.

Enclosures for Patios Cost

Costs can average $15,000. That’s what it costs for a 3 season room or patio sunroom that is made of glass. It costs from $25,000 to $30,000 to build a 4 season sunroom space.

Patio Design Ideas With Enclosed Space

It’s fine to just enjoy a beautiful view while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. That’s not something you get to do very often, is it? The constantly swinging moods of Mother Nature can sometimes put a damper on your plans.

By enclosing your patio, you gain protection from outdoor elements, which means you can enjoy your porch regardless of the weather. Furthermore, you can easily incorporate an enclosed patio into your home to help it become the place of your dreams.

We will explore all aspects of enclosed patios in this article. You can also incorporate some enclosed patio ideas into your home today by viewing the enclosed patio ideas listed above.

Enclosed are Patio Designs for Small Spaces

It’s kind of obvious, but an enclosed patio that is larger will cost you more money than a smaller one. So really, it just comes down to your budget. Taking any measurements of your patio should be preceded by imagining how you would like it to look.

Enclosures for patios should be viewed as investments. If you reduce the size too much, the patio may be uncomfortable to be on

Ideas for semi-enclosed patios

Many types of materials can be used to build a semi-enclosed patio. You can rely on mesh for the best choice.

A semi-enclosed patio can be created with wire mesh, screen mesh, vinyl mesh, and more. Installing them there should also be straightforward.

Enclosed Patio windows

Patio window enclosures come in many varieties, one of which is the acrylic pane which offers fantastic views, lighting and allows gentle breezes to pass through at the same time.

 Another excellent option for your patio enclosure is the glass pane, which lets natural light in. Vinyl panes are an excellent alternative to glass because they are lightweight, durable, and they cost much less than glass.

Design Ideas For Enclosed Patios With Furniture

In general, you need to have indoor furniture, covered furniture, or outdoor furniture depending on the type of enclosure you choose. With an enclosed glass patio, furniture is protected from the weather elements by the glass.

You may have furniture in a covered space that is designed to be used outdoors, but that is not durable enough to be left outside unprotected.

If your patio is enclosed or protected, use wicker furniture. You can create a tropical atmosphere with this traditional patio furniture material.

Patios that are housed inside or completely exposed need the strongest patio furniture. Make sure the frames and cushions are solid hardwood.

When you aren’t using the patio, you can remove the cushions to keep them looking nice. A modern look will be added to your patio with this furniture.

You can create a mini oasis in your backyard with resort-style furniture. It has large cushions that are plush and allow you to sink back into the cushion.

Kits for enclosed patios

On Amazon, you can find this wall-mount sunroom kit

In addition, there are inexpensive netted gazebos available for a backyard, which can cover an area of ten feet by ten feet or ten feet by twelve feet, or you can get a prefabricated canvas gazebo, perfect for entertaining or just relaxing on a budget.

Gazebo with full enclosure

With our fully enclosed gazebos, you can enjoy outdoor living all year long. A mountaintop living area like the one pictured here is the perfect place for family and friends to stay together. 

Spa and furniture packages requiring a large footprint of 14×14 are ideal. This model is a centerpiece in your backyard thanks to its unique rooflines and decorative design elements. 

Our floor model gazebos can be seen in person in one of our showrooms.

Diy enclosed patio

In order to construct an attached structure that is permanently and solidly attached to your home, permits are required. Professionals know how to interpret the new structure’s impact on your home and can help you with this. 

Make sure that your new deck enclosure won’t pull the roof or walls of your home away with it.

An inexpensive DIY solution in this category is building a pre-designed pergola, awning kit, or gazebo. 

Since they are freestanding, they will not affect the structure of your home. Structures constructed from the kits are constructed from structurally sound materials, and we have included everything you need to keep your structure safe and secure.

Ideas for Rustic Enclosed Patios

If you want to admire the natural beauty surrounding you, you should be able to take in the rustic beauty of nature. Yet all these variables – fluctuating temperatures, dirt, and bugs – are not conducive to being outside in nature. 

The perfect solution is an enclosed porch. Enjoy the beauty of nature from the safety of your porch while remaining protected from the elements.

Your rustic patio should have elements of nature. For the finishing materials, use exposed beams and paneling. Create seating areas with natural wood furniture. Look for handmade items or at least pieces that look handmade.

You can add a vintage touch to furniture with intricate carvings and leg designs. If you’re going for a country-style look, you’ll need a porch swing. Also, they’re great for gentle swinging.

Create natural greenery with potted plants. Plants native to the area and that thrive inside can be a good choice. By blending your porch with the natural setting, the lines between indoors and outdoors become blurred.

 Enclosed Deck Patio Ideas

Your backyard can be enhanced by building a deck for a solid ground surface. You don’t have to attach your deck to your home. A separate structure can also be built in a different part of your yard.

Make sure that your deck has the square footage you need. It is recommended that a hot tub deck is bigger than the hot tub footprint. The area around it should be able to be walked on before getting in at a minimum.

 An ideal design includes a large area and benches to place towels and belongings, as well as decor.

Patio Ideas with Glass Enclosure

Your outdoor living space can have an enclosure made out of glass to provide the illusion of being outdoors without actually being outside.

Installing sliding panel glass doors for large windows and leaving the roof solid is one option. Hire a contractor to replace the roof as well if you want a complete glass patio. The space should be surrounded by glass.

If you want sunlight to come through, it will necessarily depend on the weather. In Florida or Arizona, an all-glass room could quickly become unbearably hot. Installing a few panels instead of a whole glass ceiling can be a better option.

Consider the new view when arranging your furniture. You might be able to extend the table all the way to the window in a dining room. A number of chairs and sofas could be placed in front of a window.

Patio Enclosure Ideas for the Porch

Nature beckons you for enjoyment as you admire the wilderness all-around your home. It’s hard to enjoy nature when temperatures fluctuate, dirt accumulates, and there is a lot of stuff to worry about.

A porch that is enclosed is the ideal solution. Enjoy the beauty of nature from the safety of your porch while remaining protected from the elements.

Add some rustic elements to your patio by bringing in natural elements. For the finishing materials, use exposed beams and paneling. 

Create seating areas with natural wood furniture. If possible, use handmade pieces. You can add vintage touch to furniture with intricate carvings and leg designs.

You can achieve a country-inspired look with a porch swing. Also, they’re great for gentle swinging.

Create natural greenery with potted plants. Plants native to the area and that thrive inside can be a good choice. By blending your porch with the natural setting, the lines between indoors and outdoors become blurred.

Ideas for a Modern Enclosed Patio

Multiple building materials are used in innovative ways in patio design today. Concrete or stone patios are a great place to start. Build your patio enclosure from wood and metal.

Make the ceiling and walls of the room as glass as possible. Maintain minimal space between the pieces of glass in a patio design that looks modern.

Your modern patio can be enhanced with innovative and creative accents. You may want to consider fire features instead of a traditional outdoor fire pit. There may be a fire line in the middle of a table.

There is a decorative accent pot with a small flame inside. Make the room more comfortable by installing a blade ceiling fan. By doing so, the air is circulated and the room feels more comfortable.

Enclosed Patio Ideas with a Sunroom

In Florida, sunrooms are a common feature of homes. A porch is an outdoor room that is usually attached to the side of a house. The walls are mostly filled with large windows, and the ceiling is solid.

It is possible for the windows to run the entirety of the wall or to take up half of it. Rather than suffering in the heat and humidity, one is able to enjoy Florida’s beauty from indoors. This type of room is sometimes referred to as a sleeping porch.

Modern metal furniture will make your sunroom feel light and airy. Black or white should be the predominant color. Furniture with this degree of openness makes the room more light-filled.

Some people find sunrooms to be sterile and have an echoing effect. People can feel a bit uncomfortable in the room because of this. You can do so by adding textiles to absorb sound waves in the room. 

Cushion the furniture with cushions. The floor should be covered with a large rug. You can decorate the windows with window treatments that are decorative but do not block the light too much.

Enclosed Screened Patio 

Creating a screen room is the easiest way to enclose a patio. There will be mesh screens that extend from your home’s walls and ceiling around your lanai area. 

Enclosing your patio with a screened porch offers a minimal level of protection. Your patio area will be kept free of insects, bugs, leaves, and other debris with the screen in place.

You are not protected by this enclosure style from the weather. Building a screen porch with a solid roof can provide you with a bit more protection. Having a covered area now allows you to use it even when it’s raining.

Each mesh type has a different grade. It will be more protective if the weave is tighter. But it won’t allow as much air through, and it will be more visible. Put fiberglass mesh on the stick. The glare from sunlight is minimal, it provides great visibility, and it is flexible for easy installation.

Enclosed Patio in the backyard 

Take a moment to look out the enclosed porch once you’ve built it. Creating a view that is worthy of admiration is now your task.

This can be challenging when you live in a neighborhood. In order to give your outdoor patio a feeling of an oasis, you can obstruct your neighbors’ views with a fence or privacy plants.

You will thrive and care for native plants better if you choose those from your region. The easiest way to care for your backyard is to choose plants that do not require much maintenance. You can provide shade for your new enclosure by laying down some grass and putting in some trees.


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