21 Best Ideas for Cinder Block Fire Pits

21 Best Ideas for Cinder Block Fire Pits

Cinder block fire pits

You can build a cinder block fire pit in just a few hours. See how easy it is to make one by looking at the images below. 

In your backyard, you may find them laying around as concrete blocks or cinder blocks. You may also find them on Craigslist for free. These plans and ideas will show you how to build a budget-friendly fire pit. 

Only blocks would be used in the cheapest plan. By using different types of outdoor stones or pavers you can beautify your pit and enhance its appearance. It’s totally unnecessary in my opinion, but I digress.

Did you find our DIY cinder block fire pit to be just as fascinating as we did? In our search for inspiration and guidance, we came across these 15 great ideas, designs, and tutorials!

Once you know what you want to do, we’ll examine some really cute ideas to see what you might be able to do.

1. Stone topped cinder block fire pit

Stone topped cinder block fire pit

Do you think it makes more sense to use both cinder blocks and stone for your fire pit if you’re going to put in all the time and effort to make your own fire pit? Then we recommend that you take a closer look at this tutorial from Carole Knits that shows how to build a squared pit, and then top it with more visually appealing stones.


2.Cinder block meat smoking pit

Cinder block meat smoking pit

Would you rather, if you were going to build a whole fire pit with cinder blocks – even if it was quite large – design it exclusively to provide you with a place for out to prepare meat for your family, rather than just enjoy the flames? If you’re one of the people who like to smoke meat over an open flame, then this amazing cinder block grill with a top might appeal to you a little more. Make it yourself with Texas Barbecue! Get the detailed instructions here!

3.Circular cinder block fire pit

Circular cinder block fire pit

It’s not too difficult to make a circular fire pit; Brady Parscale on YouTube uses a timelapse to show us how he puts it together and it looks fantastic. We’ve become more willing to take on the project as a result! 

4.Rounded cinder block fire pit

Rounded cinder block fire pit

So far, to your knowledge, we’ve only covered square designs. Have you been searching for something else? If that’s the case, maybe something like Keep It Simple Crafts’ superb rounded fire pit tutorial will be a better fit for you! You are shown how to stack your cinderblocks like a cylinder.

5.Modern Fire Pit Table

The base of this fire pit is made of wood that will serve as a sleek modern fire pit. Mount the cast concrete top onto the wood base with a fireplace basket. The fire basket should be enclosed in tempered glass flame guards for additional safety.

Additionally, Karen made a contemporary tabletop fire pit through her business The Art of Doing Stuff. Decorative stones rest over the cut-to-size mesh, while a small gel fuel can is tucked under the base of a repurposed metal planter. Four glass panels are joined together with silicone to form a transparent box that frames the fire bed.

6.Upcycled truck wheel and block fire pit

Upcycled truck wheel and block fire pit

Do you think having a solid metal border around its perimeter will keep your fire more contained no matter which type of cinder blocks, stones, or anything else you are using? Our recommendation would be to take a look at how Handimania stacked their blocks around the wheel rim as the center of their cylindrical fire pit for a more finished look.

7.Rectangular fire pit and bench

Is your kind of DIY enthusiast the kind who figures that if you’re going to spend the time building the fire pit itself, you might as well build yourself a place to sit around the fire? We think you’ll find this tutorial from Attachment Prone very interesting since it shows you how to build a rectangular playground and benches, all out of cinder blocks!

8.Giant cinder block and stone fire pit

You’re the type of person who likes to make a statement with pieces he or she adds to the house? This giant fire pit that has been outlined step by step on Tools 2 Tiaras might be perfect for you!

9.Easy cinder block fireplace with grilling cover

How does a fire pit differ from a BBQ in that you can do more grilling on it than you do already? If so, I’m willing to bet that you care more about usability and functionality than you do about design. For this reason, we recommend looking at this extremely simple cinder block grilling pit designed by Lowe’s.

10.Safe cinder block fire pit on a budget

If you are new to DIY and are on the lookout for something very clear, would you prefer to follow a tutorial designed specifically for cinder blocks rather than adopt another that is suitable for all sorts of materials? That said, we would highly recommend looking at Budget 101’s fire pit that’s similarly styled.

11.Outdoor cinder block cooking station

How would you like to use this outdoor fire station in good weather to prepare your meals but you are more interested in being able to cook many different things on it, instead of just a few meat entrees? You should definitely take a look at how Survivorpedia made this simple outdoor cooking station using cinder blocks!

12.Safe sand-filled cinder block fire pit

Safe sand filled cinder block firepit

Do you feel particularly enthused by the idea of adding a little more safety to your kid-safe fire pit by filling up the center with cinder blocks? It doesn’t have to be round with the tire center in the middle if you cannot get a tire center. Instead, check out some photographs of Horsey Peeps’s square pit made of cinder blocks and sand.

13.Fire Pit with Grill

You can use backyard fire pits as a grill or roast marshmallows and hot dogs.

A concrete block fire pit can be built around a portable charcoal grill using pre-made and readily available “tree rings.” The most difficult part may be to design the inner fire pit ring so that it supports the lip of the grill bowl in the center.

14.Repurposed Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

Using a washing machine drum to make a fire pit is a creative idea I would not have considered. You can do it even trend! The drum must first be stripped of all its plastic parts. An angle grinder can be used to remove unsightly edges, and a welder can be used to add metal legs or a pedestal. As a homemade patio heater, the metal exterior of the washing machine drum acts as a flame containment device. Great idea!

15.DIY block fire pit with adjustable draft

Whatever you decide to use to make your fire pit, are you planning to make something that will allow you to maintain control over the size and strength of the flames, since you live close to brush, and are looking for a fire pit that won’t scorch the ground? You might be better off creating something like this design from Brendan Chapuis that teaches you how to build a DIY fire pit with an adjustable draft.

16.Square cinder block fire pit

The best shape for a small fire pit is always a square one. YouTube’s Home Between The Oaks produced this amazing video for us. You can make it yourself with just a bit of effort and not much material. 

17.Simplest cinder block fire pit

A simple fire pit can be built using cinder blocks if you use them properly. It’s incredibly simple and easy to make, and we just love it. The Simplicity Sisters have a great video showing the entire process. 


18.Fire pit and pizza oven

In this design, you can combine the fire pit with a special oven for making delicious pizza. It’s a great concept and Gunshine State Exploration demonstrates it to us on YouTube. It’s definitely worth checking out. 

19.Cinder block and gravel detail fire pit

Cinder block and planter fire pit

Perhaps you want something that is even easier than what you’ve seen so far and you’re not concerned about how it looks around the top? You might enjoy viewing how Momentum built this square pit from hollowed-out cinder blocks, lining the openings with gravel.

20.Cheap DIY cinder block fire pit

Cheap fire pit

A blog post from Wednesday Morning Whispers describes the tools and methods they employed to make a fire pit. Maybe you could borrow some of the ideas from it for your own backyard. 

21.All Natural Rock Fire Pit

DIY fire pits

I’m interested in learning about an older, more effective method of containing a fire. A quarry doesn’t need to be close by; Spoonful of Imagination constructed their own from stones found on site. With occasional maintenance, this DIY fire pit will last you a lifetime. When lighting a fire, make sure you clear away any fallen leaves or other flammable materials from the area surrounding the stones.

Summary of Conclusions

What if you knew someone who had dreamed about making their very own cinder block fire pit and would definitely be able to make it happen, but could use a little help along the way? Make sure they have all the possible guidance and options by sharing this post with them!

Do you like it? What is your plan for building a fire pit? Please let us know which ones are your favorites; we already have some, but we’re sure you have some too


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