How to Wash Memory Foam Bathroom Mats

How to Wash Memory Foam Bathroom Mats

how to wash memory foam bathroom mats

Memory foam mats are great for the bathroom because they absorb water and give it a chance to evaporate from the fabric. However, they can be difficult to clean.

You’ll need to use a vacuum cleaner or brush attachment with your hose so that you can get all of the dirt out of those little nooks and crannies.

If you don’t have either, then go ahead and use a damp cloth to wipe off any dust or hair before washing them in your washing machine on cold water with mild detergent. Air-dry these bad boys outside in direct sunlight for about 12 hours while flipping them over every hour or so until they’re completely dry!

1. Put the mat in the bathtub

If you have a small bathroom, as I do, then chances are you don’t have room for both a bath mat and your shower mat. My solution? Put the bathmat in the tub! It’s not ideal but it works so much better than having to step on cold tile with wet feet after taking a hot shower.

2. Fill the tub with hot water and dish soap

Fill the tub with hot water and dish soap. Add the mat into the tub, scrubbing with a brush if needed. Let soak for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly before hanging out to dry or putting away. There you have it! A clean memory foam bathmat that will smell fresh and look new again!

3. Let it soak for about an hour or until you can’t see any more dirt from under the mat

Just soak your mat for about an hour and then hang it out on the line or lay it flat to dry. The water will help release any dirt that is trapped within the foam and make sure that bacteria doesn’t spread around too much. Your skin is delicate enough without worrying about what’s growing on your rug!

4. Rinse off all of the soapy water and let air dry on a towel rack or outside in some shade

5. Vacuum up any loose hair, pet dander, dust, etc that may be stuck to your mat after it dries out

6. If there are still stains leftover then use a carpet cleaner to get them out as best you can!

There you have it! 6 steps to clean your bath mat so that it looks and feels like new again. You can also use these same steps for any other type of fabric or carpet if they’ve seen better days, too.

We hope this article has helped inform you about how to properly clean a bath mat so that the next time guests come over they’ll be able to take care of their own dirty feet without worrying about who else might need them first – at least in terms of where’s best to stand when showering off those sudsy remains from one’s toesies on the way out! Happy Cleaning!”

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