How do Race Car Drivers go to The Bathroom ?

How do Race Car Drivers go to The Bathroom ?

Many people would think that race car drivers go to the bathroom while driving, but this is actually a myth. Race car drivers have an elaborate system of bathrooms in their cars and they only use them when they are at pit stops during races. The answer to how do race car drivers go to the bathroom is not what you thought it was!

Watching a race on TV is very different from actually going to watch one in person.

Commercials require all drivers to stop and take a break, regardless of their position.

Once the commercial is over, a racer jumps back in line to its original position and, once prompted by the flagman, begins racing again. This is another reason why many women do not participate as it involves squatting a lot during the race.


….are ya fallen for that one ??…lol


“People” who ask this kind of question have never done anything athletic for any length of time or even worked up much of a sweat…

Otherwise, we would know that the human body will sweat out fluids from within. One example is during a physically demanding situation when you sweat from places like your bladder, stomach, and brain even if there are no visible signs.


Racecar drivers experience extreme physical pressures which makes them sweat a lot because their bodies are under a ton of stress. I once saw temperatures hit 120° inside the cockpit, try that for 4 hours nonstop!!


This is why athletes “hydrate up” by drinking more water before and during a race, as most lose between 5-8 lbs of fluid per race (1 gallon = 8 lbs). Most of their body’s water has been used up at this point so there is little liquid left to be excreted through urination. Although it can happen


Marathon runners, skiers, cyclists, or any other athletes of endurance events can also benefit from water bottles. For that matter, football players continue to drink buckets of Gatorade on the field despite the liquid coming out in some fashion after 90 minutes.

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